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Dosa vilas

From Spices to Soulful Delights

Experience the bold and aromatic spices that define our dishes, from fiery Chettinad curries to the coastal treasures of Tamilnadu. Dosa Vilas brings you a menu teeming with mouthwatering options, ensuring a culinary adventure for every palate.

Our Menu Highlights

Our menu boasts a variety of regional specialties, from the fiery Chettinad curries to
the comforting goodness of Kerala's sadya.

Dosa Delights

From classic masala dosas to innovative twists, our dosas are a culinary marvel.

Spice Sensation

Explore the bold and flavorful curries that make South Indian cuisine a gastronomic delight.

Coastal Treasures

Dive into the coastal flavors of Kerala with our delectable seafood options.

Soulful Sides

Accompany your meal with our assortment of chutneys, pickles, and delectable sides that elevate every bite.